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Renovation Listings

On the Renovations Job Listing page, homeowners and business owners may list any jobs they need done for prospective contractors to view.

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Homeowners and business owners may post listings absolutely free. Just create an account and aquire a username and password and you can upload your job needs.

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When you sign up and create an account you can view contact details from the Renovations Job List, plus list your business and create a Contractor Personal page with logos, galleries etc...

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About Us

Are you a homeowner looking to have renovations done to your home?

Are you a contractor or renovator looking to find customers needing renovations done?

ineedrenovations.ca is a website especially designed and dedicated to allowing home owners and business owners to connect with renovators, contractors and handymen to accompish the tasks at hand

About Our Site

At ineedrenovations.ca we have been in construction and related industries for over 20 years. We understand the challenges faced by both homeowners and contractors.

With these thoughts in mind we have attempted to develop our site in such a way that it is easily manuevered and useful to both homeowners and contractors.

We are constantly looking at new ways to maintian the afore mentioned goals. Any suggestions that will contribute in helping us attain and maintain these goals would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to Contact Us with your ideas.

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